Home Improvement

Looking at my current home improvement project list, I have about 30 things that I need to do. Will I actually get to these, perhaps in the next lifetime. They just continue to build up one after the other, and most of them are things that necessarily don’t even need to be done. They are on my wish list!

So this is why I decided to make the blog. To procrastinate some more! I have always enjoyed writing so the theme here will be home improvement. I have a lot of friends in the construction industry that I’ll be giving shout outs to, so stay tuned to be put on blast!

This post in an introductory to my site. If you have any references or topic suggestions please let me know as I would love to hear them.

I am also an avid gardener and farmer, who loves to get his hands dirty growing glorious vegetables and fruits (blueberries). These take up a lot of my free time but the reward is priceless. We are leading into the winter months so now I will have the time to write some articles on my site for your enjoyment!

Pictures will be added as I find the time as well, and hopefully even some videos along the way. So stay tuned!

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