Locked Car Keys – Worst Nightmare

The other day I was completed stranded outside of my car at 2 am in the freaking Wal-Mart parking lot. Like, literally stranded with no one else with me. Thank the Good Lord I had my cell phone with me to call a tow truck in Madison, TN, otherwise, I would have been hitchhiking to the nearest bus stop and I probably would have been kidnapped along the way.

Why in the heck do cars these days not all have a keyless entry option with a simple number code on the side of the driver’s side door? I mean that would solve so many issues. Think about it, through the year I bet there are like easily around 1 million car keys that are locked inside the vehicle with the driver’s awareness. How is freaking crazy is that statistic for you? Way over 1 million probably to be more accurate.

Key Lessons To Be Learned

Always, and I mean always, keep a spare key in your wallet. I did this for a little while actually. But I for some reason thought it would be a smart idea to take the spare key out of my wallet and place it in a drawer where it would be completely useless. My reasoning behind this was because my wallet was starting to feel a little but chunky. Dumbest decision I had ever made.

Keep A Spare Key In Your Wallet

Also, keep a towing company and locksmith’s phone number in your wallet. Do not keep this in your car, that would defeat the purpose of having it handy in the first place. If you lock your keys in your car, how are you going to get to the phone numbers in your glove department? Your not. SO keep that in your wallet! Right next to your spare key.

Keep A Towing Company and Locksmith’s Phone Number In Your Wallet

If you do both of these extremely reasonable things to do as an adult, you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble in the future. Let’s face it, at some point you are going to lock your keys in the car, just like I did, with no way of contacting anyone to notify them about it.

These are my tips for success 🙂

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